KING JIM turned conventional filing wisdom on its head with KING FILE, a product whose crisp white spine transformed Japan’s dark offices into bright, rational work environments. KING FILE has continuously evolved: modifications reflecting concern over the environment, improvements in the binding mechanism, and other innovations have made this long-selling product a familiar sight in Japanese business settings.

KING JIM offers a vast range of files and filing supplies. Their comprehensive product line includes items for a variety of filing applications. In the area of information management, our product range goes beyond files for paper-based information-including for documents, drawings, and designs, maps, business cards, postcards, photographs, and printouts-to include products for CD and DVD storage and management. Spanning everything from KING FILES for punched paper to clear files for organising documents in transparent pockets, box files perfect for use with folders, and carrying cases, our vast range of products can satisfy every imaginable filing requirement.

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Last checked: 27 August 2019

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