* OHTO CP-25 Ceramic Blade Pen Cutter

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The OHTO pen-style ceramic cutter features a tiny cutting blade which is made of ceramic, which makes it very safe to use especially for children. You can be confident that children can handle it freely, though you still need to be sure children are using it under supervision of a responsible adult guardian . The blade is designed to be exposed as little as possible, hence possibility of injuries is minimised. It is designed for detail paper cutting with precision. The lightweight pen shaped body makes it extremely easy to hold which is ideal for curved cutting and design work such as cutting out newspapers and magazines. It is also very handy for opening envelopes and plastic bags and cutting wraps  The ceramic blade is water-resistant can never rust like a metal one. It is also much more durable and last up to five times longer than a typical metal blade. The cutter is uniquely designed with a shape just like a normal pen making it very easy to carry and convenient to use. Also great advantages of using a ceramic blade include abrasion resistance and longer shelf-life (5 times that of metal blades) as well as it never rusts even when it gets wet!

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