* Tombow Mono One Holder Eraser – Choice of 5 Colours

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£ 2.99

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The Tombow Mono One short holder erased is ideal for erasing small details and single letters. Most of the time the numbered of erased letter is less than 3. Erasing such small amount of details fast with accuracy can dramatically improve the efficiency during study. The special design of Mono One short holder eraser enable the smooth erasing of letters in 6 -7 mm ruled notebooks. Therefore, it help concentrate on the study with wasting time erasing too much of the writing.

Short holder type eraser

Holder type eraser is very easy and comfortable to use. Short body and the size of a standard eraser allow handling it while holding a pen without interrupting the flow of work.

Medium-size eraser with new formulation

The high erasability unique to MONO erasers with increased strength. This eraser of 6.7 mm in diameter is ideal for erasing letters in 7 mm and 6 mm ruled notebooks.


Front twist type

Adjust the length of the eraser to prevent it from breaking, which is a common problem with retractable type erasers. The position of the slide button allows to extend the eraser with one hand easily.

Shock-absorbing cushion

Absorbs pressure and shock to reduce cracks and prevent the eraser from breaking.


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