Return Policy

Goodwill Free Return & Replacement Guarantee when You Spend over £35

We care about your shopping experience with us a lot, and we understand from time to time you would want to return the products to us either for a refund or an exchange. If you spend £35 or more and you are in the UK, you can enjoy our hassle free Goodwill Free Return and Replacement Guarantee:

Free Replacement (whole or partial) – We will pay both the return and re-delivery charge.

Free Return (full or partial) – We will pay both the return and re-delivery charge.

However, to enjoy this Goodwill guarantee, please read carefully the following detail as well as our Free Return Anti-Misuse Policy and make sure you fully understand and agree with it.

The Detail:

For UK customers who spend over £35 for one single Order, they will be eligible for the Goodwill Free Return & Replacement Guarantee, which is, for each Order, we will offer the customer one chance of free exchange and one chance of free return (which means we will pay for the delivery cost of both the return and re-delivery). A pre-paid post label and Return & Replacement Form will be provided along with the Goods when we delivery the Order for the first time. The customers then have a choice of either exchange the whole or part of the Order with the pre-paid post label we provide, if they are not satisfied with the Goods or simply changed their mind. If the customer find the exchanged Goods are still not satisfactory, the only choice they have then is to return the whole or part of the Order to us with the second pre-paid label and Return Form we provide. We will then issue a full or partial refund to you accordingly. We cannot provide more than one chance of free exchange. If after the first exchange you still want to purchase the Goods, you will need to return the Goods and proceed with a refund request, and then put a new Order to us.

Free Return Anti-Misuse Policy

Our Goodwill Free Return and Replacement Guarantee is designed to honour and repay the customers with a genuine, decent and reasonable shopping behaviour. We strictly reject and prohibit any form of abuse and misuse of this guarantee. For example, buying more than you need and return the unwanted ones for partial refund (e.g. buy 30 pens to select 10 from them and then return the rest) or frequently purchase and then seeking a full refund etc. would not be an acceptable purchasing behaviour. We reserve all the rights to limit or stop you from taking advantage of our Goodwill Free Return and Replacement Guarantee, should we find out and conclude that your shopping behaviour is not acceptable hence not eligible for our Goodwill Free Return and Replacement Guarantee. The judgment of such misuse behaviour is solely down to our opinion and decision. We will write to you to explain the reason why we limit or stop your right for this Guarantee. If you do not agree with our decision, you may complain to us via our online Contact Form.

For international customers, we are very sorry, but we cannot offer this Guarantee to you. Customers outside the UK will need to bear cost of returning the Goods to us unless it is faulty or incorrect order.

Cancelling and Returning Goods if You Change Your Mind

  • If you are a consumer in the European Union, you have a legal right to a “cooling-off” period within which you can cancel the Contract for any reason.  he cooling off period expires 14 days after the day you received your goods. If the cooling off period expires on a non-working day, your deadline is extended till the next working day. 
  • In addition, We offer a further Goodwill Guarantee which extends the legal cooling-off period within which you may change your mind, cancel, and return the Goods as detailed below.
    • Our Goodwill Guarantee extends this period to a total of 30 calendar days.
  • If you wish to exercise your right to cancel under this Clause, you must inform Us of your decision within the cooling-off period (as extended by Our Goodwill Guarantee). Cancellation by our online contact form, email or by post is effective from the date on which you send Us your message. In each case, providing Us with your name, address, email address, telephone number, and Order Number.
  • We may ask you why you have chosen to cancel and may use any answers you provide to improve Our Goods and services, however please note that you are under no obligation to provide any details if you do not wish to.
  • Please note that you may lose your legal right to cancel under this Clause in the following circumstances:
    • If the Goods are sealed for health or hygiene reasons and you have unsealed those Goods after receiving them;
    • If the Goods have been personalised or custom-made for you;
    • If the Goods have been inseparably mixed with other items (according to their nature) after you have received them.
  • Please ensure that you return Goods to Us no more than 14 calendar days after the day on which you have informed Us that you wish to cancel under this Clause.
  • Unless the item is damaged, faulty or has defects, items returned under this clause must be returned unused with the original packaging and in a resellable condition. Failing to comply with this requirement may result in delaying the refund process. We also reserve the right to refuse the refund or deduct reasonable amount from the refund to cover the cost should the item had been used and no longer in a perfect sellable condition as we had originally shipped to you.
  • You may return Goods to Us by post or another suitable delivery service of your choice to Our returns address at:

24 Wickham Road,
RG6 3TE, UK.

  • Please visit the Returns page on Our Site to download and complete a Returns form. Please note that you must bear the costs of returning Goods to Us if cancelling under this Clause unless you are eligible for Goodwill Free Return and Replacement Guarantee which stated above. The cost of returning Goods to Us should not normally exceed the cost of having them originally delivered to you if you use the same carrier.
  • Refunds under this Clause will be issued to you within 14 calendar days of the following:
    • The day on which We receive the Goods back; or
    • The day on which you inform Us (supplying evidence) that you have sent the Goods back, if this is earlier than the day We receive the Goods back); or
    • If We have not yet provided an Order Confirmation or have not yet dispatched the Goods, the day on which you inform Us that you wish to cancel the Contract.
  • Refunds under this Clause may be subject to deductions in the following circumstances:
    • Refunds may be reduced for any diminished value in the Goods resulting from your excessive handling of them (e.g. no more than would be permitted in a shop).  Please note that if We issue a refund before We have received the Goods and have had a chance to inspect them, We may subsequently charge you an appropriate sum if We find that the Goods have been handled excessively.
    • Standard delivery charges will be reimbursed in full as part of your refund.  Please note, however, that we cannot reimburse for premium delivery.  We will only reimburse the equivalent standard delivery costs when issuing refunds under this Clause.
  • Refunds under this Clause will be made using the same payment method that you used when ordering the Goods.

Any and all refunds issued under this Clause will include all delivery costs paid by you when the Goods were originally purchased.

Faulty, Damaged or Incorrect Goods

  • By law, we must provide goods that are of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, as described at the time of purchase, in accordance with any pre-contract information We have provided, and that match any samples or models that you have seen or examined (unless We have made you aware of any differences). If any Goods you have purchased do not comply and, for example, have faults or are damaged when you receive them, or if you receive incorrect (or incorrectly priced) Goods, please contact us as soon as reasonably possible to inform us of the fault, damage or error, and to arrange for a refund or replacement.  Your available remedies will be as follows:
    • Beginning on the day that you receive the Goods (and ownership of them) you have a 30 calendar day right to reject the Goods and to receive a full refund if they do not conform as stated above.
    • If, after a replacement, the Goods still do not conform, you may have the right either to keep the Goods at a reduced price, or to reject them in exchange for a refund.
  • If you have purchased the Goods for an unsuitable purpose that is neither obvious nor made known to Us and the problem has resulted from your use of the Goods for that purpose; or if the problem is the result of normal wear and tear, misuse or intentional or careless damage.  Please also note that you may not return Goods to Us under this Clause merely because you have changed your mind. 
  • To return Goods to Us for any reason under this Clause, please complete a returns form send back to Us with the pre-paid returns label we provide.  We will be fully responsible for the costs of returning Goods under this Clause.
  • Refunds (whether full or partial, including reductions in price) under this Clause will be issued within 14 calendar days of the day on which We agree that you are entitled to the refund.