Tombow is a Japanese family company that manufactures high-quality and reliable writing instruments and therefore supports creative people in their work. Ever since it was founded by pencil manufacturer Harunosuke Ogawa more than 100 years ago, the company has been and remains in family hands and currently employs approximately 417 (as of May 2019) employees across the world.

From the very first pencils to the current range, Tombow has always developed new products – including many innovative ideas that Tombow was the first to bring to the market.

In 1958 Tombow diversified its product line for the first time and started producing ballpoint pens. Buyers associate the name Tombow with the high quality that they are used to from the pencil range. They were immediately well received by users and have become a permanent element of the product range. In 1964 the first felt-tip pens were added to the range: Tombow Sign Pens, which were exported mainly to Europe and the USA. In 1969, Tombow included a free eraser called the MONO Eraser in every 12-pack of MONO 100 pencils. It was immediately very well received by customers and therefore integrated into the regular production process. Today, the MONO eraser product line is one of the most popular erasers in the world. It is offered in various sizes, shapes and colours. In 1971, Tombow manufactured the first glue stick Made in Japan: the PIT glue stick. Customers value the fact that the PIT is easy to work with and liked that it kept their hands clean compared to the use of liquid adhesives popular at the time. In 1986 Tombow launched the ZOOM series, a line of writing instruments that combines a special design with the highest perfection in terms of its function. This series was also a response to the changes that were taking place in the world of office work at the time.

In the Japanese tradition of craftsmanship, quality, precision and perfection are traditional values. These values are deeply rooted in the Tombow corporate culture. It has the valuable mindset of always delivering the best for the customer to suit their respective needs right from the start. Whether professionally or for personal pleasure, artists and creatives appreciate good tools.

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