DONG-A Pencil Co. was established in 1946. It was the first stationery manufacturer in Korea, and for 60+ years, Dong-A Pencil has continuously and steadily developed and produced intricate and high-quality products, including pencils, ball-point pens, mechanical pencil leads, etc. Today, Dong-A Pencil is one of the World’s major stationery suppliers, retaining customer confidence at home and overseas.To multiple Stationery products, we established Dong-A Teaching Materials Co., Ltd. and started to produce to sell Oil Pastels, Water colours and etc. Dong-A supplies products to big and reputable companies of many countries in the world, North & South America, Europe, and Middle East

DONG-A P&T believes in the best quality of products. We were designated as a formal merchandising brand in 1986 Asian Games and in 1988 Seoul Olympics and made efforts to develop many characters, various packages, and brand merchandising with high quality. In addition, we established Dong-A Engineering Co., Ltd. that has the national-largest Plastic manufacturing equipment, we started to lead the Korean Gel pen market through developing Cap style Gel pen in 1997 and Aroma pen in 1998 through efforts for skill & quality. DONG-A P&T products are unique. Dong-A Pencils & Teaching Materials Co., Ltd. won the first prize in New products Contest in 1998 & 2000 and won the president prize in Korea Design Management in 2000. In addition, Dong-A has received many International Certifications such ISO9002, ISO14001, AP and ACMI. These certifications prove that Dong-A products have the high priority in stationery market.

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